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Adventures with Squirrels


Last weekend, my husband and I, who are still sickeningly lovey-dovey, went for a walk in an area park. And not just any park, but on that played a roll in our engagement scavenger hunt. While we were meanering through the lower stretches of the rolling, grassy hills, we happened upon a large rock, swarming […]

Adventures with Lola


This is Lola. She is our Boston Terrorist. On Saturday, pharmacy we went to the Bark Park! Lola made some friends, rolled in a mud puddle…. … and, after rinsing off and taking a quick nap…. she played with a big yellow Frisbee. It was a good day!

On having adventures…


When I was in grad school, unfettered and relishing life alone in the city, I came to view the small adventures in life as things to be relished and appreciated. Now lots of things in that last sentence need to be explained, qualified and….words leave me as my  internal editor scrambles to find the right […]