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Mundane Adventure to Laudromat Proves Thought Provoking, thanks to Reader’s Digest


So The Hubs and I were doing our usual bi-weekly trip to the laundromat. And can I just say that I love the laundromat? I love everything about it. I love the jockeying for machines, love the smell of detergent, love the categorization of laundry, love the rich chinking of $20 worth of quarters (and […]

Adventures in Goalsetting


One of my favorite websites, Jezebel, has been very inspirational to me of late. For example, in this post, the editors disagree with Vogue editor, Plum Sykes, about what every woman needs by a certain age, which for Sykes seems to be rather arbitrarily, 38. Skyes claims that every woman needs: a husband, a child, […]

Adventures in 20 words or less


Dear Reader,  It has been a wild ride in the 3 weeks since I’ve written. The Big Adventure of Life has had me whirling dangerously close to the Pit of Despair, and I haven’t had the energy necessary to even relate the adventures that have occurred during those 3 weeks. So in an effort to […]