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Adventures of the Mind: Book Nostalgia


 Books that influenced me, borrowed and modified from a FB meme: Childhood: wide variety-“The Little Princess”, “The Secret Garden”, “Boxcar Children”, “Hank the Cowdog”, “Accidental Detectives”: I was drawn to book that were equal parts imaginative, escapist and humorous YA: Jane Austen, “Redwall” series by Brian Jacques: Austen taught me that relationships are the greatest […]

Adventures in Alumni-land


So earlier this week, I got an official letter from my undergraduate’s alumni office, Oklahoma Baptist University of Shawnee, America, inviting me back to “Bison Hill” for my 5 year reunion. My first inclination was… “you’ve got to be kidding me; college graduation was only 5 years ago! I’m not ready to go back and […]

Adventures in filling out meme’s for other people’s blogs, which then don’t get published


But then I remembered, I have my own blog. I can publish my own meme! Hehe. 1. Why are you a feminist? What does being a feminist mean to you? And if you don’t consider yourself to be a feminist, then why not? I do consider myself a feminist, and although I’ve lived that lifestyle […]

Adventures in Body Acceptance


  So, this is my first entry since Oct. 08- yikes. To catch up, the end of 08 was very rough for me emotionally, as G. was on the job market and I wasn’t handling it very well. I sought therapy and with his acquisition of not one, but two jobs, things stabilized. I’ve been […]