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Adventures in Forgiveness


This weekend, I road-tripped to “Dallas” (I like to casually refer to the whole Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as “Dallas”, because I was born there, so clearly, I can) for a women’s conference at my best-friend-from-college’s mega-church, Fellowship Church. In fact, she is on staff there as the volunteer co-ordinator and does a fabulous job. I […]

Thankful Thursday


Sometimes, its hard to be grateful on cue, but I’m gonna try (otherwise, truthfully, today would be Resentful Thursday). the opportunity to get my windshield replaced this morning. I don’t know why I didn’t get it replaced 3 years ago when the now-massive crack started, but it’s getting replaced today! woo! mini-bagels. because they are […]

Adventures x 5


So, apparently, unemployment is good for my adventuring life. In the past 3 weeks, I have made time for several small adventures. Each of them deserve their own post, but in an effort to streamline, I’ll just recap each in their own wee paragraph: 1. Buying plants at SpringFest First, the Friday before last, so […]

Adventures in Tough Times


I am excited to be featured today on one of my favorite little websites, Secret Society of List Addicts. Man, I love making lists. And then marking stuff off them. My list, 6 Ways to get through a tough time, was borne of, you guessed it, a tough time in my life. Which is in […]

Thankful Thursday


Things I’m thankful for today: Wonky weather- just cool enough to be able to wear tights, yet ‘springy’ enough for it not to be a drag that its chilly. New tights- well, old tights (bought in December) but because they are periwinkle (which is an awesome color) I haven’t worn them till now. Supportive friends […]