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Weird and Wonderful Weekend


So, I’ve been fighting off this weird-ass respiratory infection that’s been haunting me for well over two weeks, closer to 3. It started when I sat outside about 4pm for a meeting, and proceeded to inhale all sorts of nasty pollen (and car fumes no doubt), which I had been studiously avoiding. A few days […]

Adventures in Cross Stitch


So, my mother’s birthday and Mother’s Day are like, two weeks apart. And since I bought her the most awesome purse in the world for her birthday, I was up a creek for a Mother’s Day present. I turned therefore to my giant supply of crafting materials and started brainstorming. Hours later, surrounds by mounds […]



Rather than my usual Thankful Thursday entry, I thought I’d follow the vast Internet meme of the more general “Things I like Thursday” (or TiLT), which in this weeks case, are also things that I’m thankful for…so, you know, same difference. It is a great solace when one is unemployed to have people in one’s […]