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Victoria & the annoying, exasperating, somewhat inconvenient & utterly HORRIFYING day


So, yeah, today started off annoying… and ended up horrifying. Annoying– forgot my suglasses at home. No you don’t understand, I’m like a bat, I can’t go out in the sunshine with my sunnies! I am all squinty and eyeballs ache, especially when commuting, towards the 7:30 am horizon. Exasperating– stopped at my local gas […]

New Job, New Car, New Adventures


The past 2 weeks have been surreal- they have been simultaneously the best and worst weeks of this year. As many of you know, I went of the job market full time back in March (which is a nice way of saying I got sacked and had to get serious about looking for a job). […]

Adventures in Berry Picking


Last weekend, I went to DFW with my college cohorts, Megalacishoria (whose further exploits you can read about here) to do some hanging out. Our big adventure for the weekend was going berry picking! which is something that I’ve been wanting to do for simply ages, and yes, I do find it ironic that I […]