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Renovation from Hell, Courtesy of the Blizzard of the Century


So, the renovation is still in the demolition stage, mostly because we had an enormous blizzard the last 2 weeks. Snow is a rare occurrence in the Sooner State, so having a full-on blizzard, with record breaking snowfall literally shut down the city of Tulsa for almost 2 full weeks. School was out of 9 […]

Borrowed: Childhood Shenanagians


I borrowed this post idea from The Pursuit of Harpyness about “Childhood Shenanigans”- I enjoyed the posters stories of getting dirty in the mud of their backyards, climbing the walls of their houses, etc. I immediately started remembering my own childhood shenanigans, growing up in Claremore, Oklahoma. My favorite childhood memories are generally not ones […]

Adventures in Snoklahoma!


The whole Midwest is currently under-going a third wave of severe winter weather. Oklahoma has been hard hit, but so have surrounding states. Its been interesting to see people panic and freak out about the weather, about food, about the driving conditions, the schools have been closed for days and days. On one hand, I […]