Adventures in Home-Ownership: Buying and Dismantling our first house

We bought a house! In comparison to all the drama prior to closing, the closing meeting was a BREEZE. We signed papers for a solid hour, hand cramping- everyone got money (including us, for renovations), everyone left happy. Yay.

This was on a Tuesday. Our Lifegroup came over on Wednesday to see the place (and I bought a couch that morning). We started renovations on Saturday.

When I said our new house was a fixer-upper I was NOT kidding y’all. The former owners were smokers and had lived there 15+ years. They had helpfully put down new carpets to put it on the market, in every room except one, which gave away the smokers smell. This new carpet, which was both cheap and ugly, covered up the original hardwood floors. Which, I mean, why would you DO that???! Anyway, the owners asked if they could take the carpet with them, if we didn’t want it. Be. My. Guest.

We have a list a mile long of stuff to do to the place to not only restore some of the original elements, but also bring the house into the new millennium.

This includes, but is not limited to: New flooring (combo of tile, carpet and hardwoods), paint, trim and doors throughout; new kitchen and bathroom cabinets.; some electrical work.

So far, we’ve done the following:

  • remove tack strips left over from carpet (=3+ hours scooting along the floors with a crowbar in hand) Check.
  • remove icky tile/tile laminate in entryway/kitchen/bathroom/over half the hardwood. (took ALL DAY on Sunday) Check.
  • take down half-wall. Check.
  • Take down kitchen cabinets, sell on Craigslist.¬†Uh, half-done.
  • Take down all trim. Check.

We have to finish dismantling the bathrooms, kitchen, and bash in some walls. That’s this weekend.

We’re making progress!

Goal: finish demo by this Sunday; pros come in next week.

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  1. Carrisa says:

    Woohoo! How exciting. I’m about to do some minor things to my kitchen which includes cabinet painting and new appliances. I’m stoked! If I had the budget to replace floors and counters I totally would.

  2. I am glad you are posting your progress. I followed the link to your blog from FB. After 12 years in our house, we are finally hitting full speed on our remodel. You and my friend Cassie doing the same thing at the same time gives me hope!

    Our hardwood was ruined in some places and badly damaged in others from years of carpeting. Someone also covered the plaster walls/crown molding with ugly paneling and lowered the ceiling. Yuck!

    Congrats on your house!

  3. Mama Carol says:

    Wear your eye protection when you are bashing walls!!!

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