Victoria & the annoying, exasperating, somewhat inconvenient & utterly HORRIFYING day

So, yeah, today started off annoying… and ended up horrifying.

Annoying– forgot my suglasses at home. No you don’t understand, I’m like a bat, I can’t go out in the sunshine with my sunnies! I am all squinty and eyeballs ache, especially when commuting, towards the 7:30 am horizon.

Exasperating– stopped at my local gas station/coffee/breakfast sandwich emporium for some of each of those items. Whilst squinting into the sun, shifting gears and navigating construction, I managed to drip iced cappuccino on my fancy turquoise silk shirt. Grrr! Nice coffee stain, that’ll look sharp at the networking lunch later today.

Inconvenient– 11amish- I’m working away at my snazzy new job as Director of Development at A New Leaf: printing out thank you notes to donors, writing new grants, managing the agency’s Twitter and Facebook Fan page, etc. etc. The ‘housekeeping crew’ is vacuuming the hall. The lights start to flicker. My computer doesn’t go down, but a weird beeping starts. Then the whole building goes dark.

Turns out that our transformer had SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTED and had caught fire!! So yeah. We had to send all of the clients home, most of the staff and get the greenhouse ventilated. Yikes. We may or may not be open tomorrow, we’ll see.

In the middle of all this, I had to leave because I had a networking luncheon to go to, as an agency representative, and then a photo op at 1.

Horrifying– The luncheon was fine actually, but en route to the photo op with two of my program directors and a state sentator and the DIRECTOR of Developmental Disability Services Department, the clutch on my BRAND NEW (to me) MINI Cooper went out! Standing me en route to my destination. What. the. heck.

This was me.

Three hours later (I can’t bear to recount all of the sweaty, horrible details)- the car had been towed, the husband had come to rescue me and the dealer had promised to cover half of the repair cost. Talk about service after the sale- seriously, check out Jerry Petty Motors for some awesome customer service; not their fault that clutches go out at 90-100K miles; our had 93K.

So, yeah.

But like in the classic children’s book, I felt better after curling up in bed and having my hair stoked.

Unlike, the classic children’s book, I have a glass of wine (or two) to further dull the pain- things will be better tomorrow. Fortunately for me, I’ll probably be able to work from home for most of the rest of the week. And I got my first paycheck today, so at least the financial sting of getting a clutch replaced ($$$$$) is not as frightening. AND we have a fabulous mechanic who was more sympathetic than snotty about my misfortune. So, it ain’t all bad. But MAN it sucks to have your new car in the shop for the 2nd time in as many weeks.

EDITED TO ADD: my husband is teh awesome. He totally came to my rescue today. He helped push the Mini into position for the tow truck, waited with me for an HOUR & A HALF in 105 degree heat for the tow truck, drove me home while I cried & stoked my head and told me it would be ok. And it will. Even if I didn’t believe it there for a few hours.

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