Grande Size Adventure: Ignite Tulsa

You know how when you go to Starbucks (or the ilk) and they ask you what size, you kind of stumble over the choices? Large is smaller than grande? Venti is bigger than grande? Ok then.

That’s how I felt about my latest adventure- a little overwhelmed at what I was getting into.

I submitted a talk idea to Ignite Tulsa earlier this summer, after meeting one of the founders at a Tulsa Blogger meetup. It sounded like a cool idea and I am all about being a part of cool stuff.

Ignite Tulsa (and Ignite OtherPlaces) is essentially a public speaking/Power Point presentation speed date. You get 5 minutes to talk, accompanied by 20 Power Point slides, automatically timed at 15 seconds apiece. The question/prompt for Ignite is: What do you know about that the citizens of [Tulsa] also need to know?

After much brainstorming, I decided that the denizens of Tulsa needed to know about Small Adventuring- what it is, how to do it and why its awesome.

So, I merrily submitted my idea and promptly forgot about it. When I got the notification email early one Saturday that I’d been chosen to speak, I was thrilled because it felt like I had been chosen as part of cool kids club. After I saw the list of speaker, including several ‘famous on Twitter’ folks I knew, I was instantly sobered, because clearly these were people with Things To Say, and I? had submitted the rather mundane sounding idea of “The Importance of Small Adventures.”

Dutifully, I put together my slide presentation (20 slides long, to be timed at 15 seconds each) and submitted them the day they were due (a whole 2 hours before the midnight deadline). And then trouble set in.

I couldn’t find the time to practice my speech. I had too much going on at work. I was too tired. My dog was too needy. Etc.

So, night before: I’ve finally locked myself in the office to practice. Goes ok. Until I start timing myself. Then I realize, my 5 minute speech? is rambley and nearly 9 minutes longs. Eek.

The whole next day, I am slightly queasy. Am queasy all the way up to drinking an entire beer during the presenter pep-talk. Mercifully, I am on early in the evening. The packed-house crowd is warm, generous, delighted, attentive and kind. I miss a few timing cues, a sub-point and gesture unneccessarily at the screen a few times, but ultimately, survive.

And as I gratefully descend the stairs and trot to the Ladies Room (small bladder), I realize that for all my talk of Being Present, Dangerous and Intentional for the Small Adventure, that I myself, have just had a rather Grand Adventure.

Special thanks to Courtney (& Bill) who came out for support; Lindsey my nonprofit buddy; and my hubby G, who always supports, always believes that I will rock, always is right.

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