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Adventures in Home-Ownership: Buying and Dismantling our first house


We bought a house! In comparison to all the drama prior to closing, the closing meeting was a BREEZE. We signed papers for a solid hour, hand cramping- everyone got money (including us, for renovations), everyone left happy. Yay. This was on a Tuesday. Our Lifegroup came over on Wednesday to see the place (and […]

On Hitting #2 of the Big Three


When one speaks dismissively of the domestic accomplishments that are typical of the “American Dream” that are 1) get married 2) buy a house (preferably with a white picket fence) and 3) have 2.5 kids, we assume that the jaded speaker has not been able to achieve those things. Either that or they reject the […]

Grande Size Adventure: Ignite Tulsa


You know how when you go to Starbucks (or the ilk) and they ask you what size, you kind of stumble over the choices? Large is smaller than grande? Venti is bigger than grande? Ok then. That’s how I felt about my latest adventure- a little overwhelmed at what I was getting into. I submitted […]

Victoria & the annoying, exasperating, somewhat inconvenient & utterly HORRIFYING day


So, yeah, today started off annoying… and ended up horrifying. Annoying– forgot my suglasses at home. No you don’t understand, I’m like a bat, I can’t go out in the sunshine with my sunnies! I am all squinty and eyeballs ache, especially when commuting, towards the 7:30 am horizon. Exasperating– stopped at my local gas […]