Adventures in Forgiveness


This weekend, I road-tripped to “Dallas” (I like to casually refer to the whole Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as “Dallas”, because I was born there, so clearly, I can) for a women’s conference at my best-friend-from-college’s mega-church, Fellowship Church. In fact, she is on staff there as the volunteer co-ordinator and does a fabulous job. I […]

Thankful Thursday


Sometimes, its hard to be grateful on cue, but I’m gonna try (otherwise, truthfully, today would be Resentful Thursday). the opportunity to get my windshield replaced this morning. I don’t know why I didn’t get it replaced 3 years ago when the now-massive crack started, but it’s getting replaced today! woo! mini-bagels. because they are […]

Adventures x 5


So, apparently, unemployment is good for my adventuring life. In the past 3 weeks, I have made time for several small adventures. Each of them deserve their own post, but in an effort to streamline, I’ll just recap each in their own wee paragraph: 1. Buying plants at SpringFest First, the Friday before last, so […]

Adventures in Tough Times


I am excited to be featured today on one of my favorite little websites, Secret Society of List Addicts. Man, I love making lists. And then marking stuff off them. My list, 6 Ways to get through a tough time, was borne of, you guessed it, a tough time in my life. Which is in […]

Thankful Thursday


Things I’m thankful for today: Wonky weather- just cool enough to be able to wear tights, yet ‘springy’ enough for it not to be a drag that its chilly. New tights- well, old tights (bought in December) but because they are periwinkle (which is an awesome color) I haven’t worn them till now. Supportive friends […]

Adventures in Photography


One of the most enjoyable parts of my recent road trip to Colorado for some ill-fated snowboarding, was the drive. Yeah, that’s right. I love a good road trip: the reading, the napping, the snacking, and now, the picture-taking. Just before we left, I read a post by Heather Armstong ( on a recent trip […]

Adventures in Grocery Shopping


Dear Blog,I’m sorry to have been gone from you for such a long time. You know what’s been going on…I’ve longed to post about the things going on in my life, but have felt at some point or another that it would be too bland (whoo- working a 9-5! married life is good!) or too […]

Adventures in Body Acceptance: Wearing a Swimsuit in Public Edition


So, this past weekend, I ended up lakeside, in a life vest and swimsuit, somewhat unexpectedly. I was spending the weekend with some friends from college, former roomates in fact. This particular group of friends is very silly, with lots of inside jokes and animated storytelling. We are sometimes so silly that its a bit […]

Adventures of the Mind: Book Nostalgia


 Books that influenced me, borrowed and modified from a FB meme: Childhood: wide variety-“The Little Princess”, “The Secret Garden”, “Boxcar Children”, “Hank the Cowdog”, “Accidental Detectives”: I was drawn to book that were equal parts imaginative, escapist and humorous YA: Jane Austen, “Redwall” series by Brian Jacques: Austen taught me that relationships are the greatest […]

Adventures in Alumni-land


So earlier this week, I got an official letter from my undergraduate’s alumni office, Oklahoma Baptist University of Shawnee, America, inviting me back to “Bison Hill” for my 5 year reunion. My first inclination was… “you’ve got to be kidding me; college graduation was only 5 years ago! I’m not ready to go back and […]

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