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Victoria & the annoying, exasperating, somewhat inconvenient & utterly HORRIFYING day


So, yeah, today started off annoying… and ended up horrifying. Annoying– forgot my suglasses at home. No you don’t understand, I’m like a bat, I can’t go out in the sunshine with my sunnies! I am all squinty and eyeballs ache, especially when commuting, towards the 7:30 am horizon. Exasperating– stopped at my local gas […]

Thankful Thursday: Public Transit Edition


It would not be a vast understatement to say that my fair city of Tulsa is slightly lacking the public transit department. We don’t have subways, light right, elevated train, nothing. Except our buses, that is the Tulsa Transit. I’ve seen them wandering around town, and have vaguely entertained notions of one day riding said […]