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Adventures in Home-Ownership: Buying and Dismantling our first house


We bought a house! In comparison to all the drama prior to closing, the closing meeting was a BREEZE. We signed papers for a solid hour, hand cramping- everyone got money (including us, for renovations), everyone left happy. Yay. This was on a Tuesday. Our Lifegroup came over on Wednesday to see the place (and […]

Double Roadtrip Adventures


Man, it has been a long time since I’ve sat down to write. Here it goes! with the Best Of my Double Adventure Roadtrip, or Double Roadtrip Adventure or whatever: Last Roadtrip with Betsy Last Sunday, I drove up to Iowa to visit my maternal grandparents.  I typically enjoy solitary road trips, but this one […]

Adventures Involving the Vet


Before my husband and I got married, I was already pitching hard for a dog. I wanted a sweet little puppy to snuggle and take for walks and be adorable with, generally. So, a mere three months after we tied the knot, we got a dog. We had done our research, we thought, on what […]

Adventures with Lola


This is Lola. She is our Boston Terrorist. On Saturday, pharmacy we went to the Bark Park! Lola made some friends, rolled in a mud puddle…. … and, after rinsing off and taking a quick nap…. she played with a big yellow Frisbee. It was a good day!